Sustainability at Johnson Matthey Advanced Glass Technologies


In 2007, Johnson Matthey launched the Sustainability 2017 vision and initiative (in 2017 we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Johnson Matthey), and the Advanced Glass Technologies business has been working to help achieve the company’s 2017 goals in many ways since.

Sustainability will only work if it is integrated in every aspect of the business. We have therefore started several projects to get a successful result, involving all of our employees.

We are continually making progress towards our sustainability goals. As a company, our policies are aimed at conducting business in a social, safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, transparent and financially sound manner.

   Five elements of Sustainability

 Sustainability Social

Social                                            Employee development, wellbeing, recruitment Safeguard reputation




 Sustainability Environment

Environment            Responsible operations           Beneficial products

 Sustainability Health & Safety

Health and Safety                     Employees, customers, communities            Beneficial products




 Sustainability Governance

Governance                      Well run business                 Transparent reporting

 Sustainability Financial

Financial                                Must be profitable to be sustainable      Align financial and sustainability targets


To support these aspects, our Sustainability 2017 Vision is underpinned by six tough targets.

These targets address issues which could potentially have a material effect on Johnson Matthey's future performance, and we have developed key performance indicators to monitor our performance against them.

    Six Sustainability Targets (from April2012)

At least double earnings per share
Halve carbon intensity
Achieve zero waste to landfill
Halve key resources consumed per unit of output
Continual improvement in lost time injury and illness rate (LTIIR)
Achieve a zero occupational illness cases

For further details, please visit our sustainability website.

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