Conductive silver paste for passive component inks
Passive Component Inks

Passive Component Inks

Johnson Matthey AgT manufactures a wide range of silver and carbon paints for use in the manufacture of tantalum chip and solid aluminium organic capacitors as well as a range of materials for ceramic capacitors, varistors and PZT devices.

SCT® P-Series Coating Inks

This product range includes leading edge materials for low ESR conductive polymer tantalum capacitors and speciality materials for manganese based tantalum capacitors needing enhanced thermal stability at high service temperatures.

Our P-Series Inks include:-

P6100 - Silver Ink, used for cathodes in MnO2 type Ta capacitors.

P6101 - Silver Ink used for cathodes in MnO2 type Ta capacitors, high thermal stability.

P6103 - Silver Ink used for cathodes in high voltage, polymer type Ta capacitors.

P7500 - Silver Ink suitable for aluminium organic and polymer type Ta capacitors, fast drying.

P5905 - Carbon Ink, used in the production of MnO2 type Ta capacitors.

P7301 - Carbon Ink, used in the production of polymer type Ta capacitors, fast drying.

P7302 - Carbon Ink, used in the production of polymer type Ta capacitors, slow drying.

SCT® M-Series Silver Pastes

These thick film inks are available in silver, silver / palladium and silver / platinum, for the termination of MLCC and metal oxide varistors.

Our M-Series Inks include:-

M2257 - Silver-Platinum end termination ink formulated for the production of chip varistors.

M2260 - Lead-free Silver-Platinum end termination ink.

M2998 - Silver end termination ink for MLCC production, highly solderable.

M4440 - Silver-Palladium ink designed for use in zinc oxide-based multi-layer varistors.

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