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Silver Powder and Flakes

Silver Powders & Flakes

Johnson Matthey AgT offer a range of technically advanced, high purity silver powders and flakes for use in a variety of applications such as thick film inks, polymer thick film inks and spray paints for RFI/EMI shielding.

SCT® Silver Powders

Produced by chemical precipitation and suitable for use in thick film inks.

Our Silver Powders include:-

Cypher 88-110 - Low tap density, especially suitable in combination with speciality ceramics.

EG2233 - Medium tap density, used as a filler in electrically conductive gasket seals.

CAP9 - High surface area, for use in high silver loading conductive paste applications.

CAP14 - High tap density for use in high silver loading conductive paste applications.

EG1887 - High tap density, low shrinkage at high temperatures.

SCT® Silver Flakes

Johnson Matthey has developed a range of highly conductive silver flakes for the electronics industry.

Our Silver Flakes include:-

FS2 - For use in a range of passive component and flexible circuitry applications.

FS8 - Highly electrically conductive silver flake suitable for use in polymer thick film inks.

FS32 - For applications where a very high level of conductivity is required.

FS34 - Excellent conductivity, for use in polymer thick film ink applications.

FS36 - Particularly suited for use with epoxy-based resins.

TS2222 - Suitable for use in tantalum capacitor electrode terminations.

TS2223 - For low-fire applications.

Our technical data sheets are available for you to download, however if you have a specific enquiry concerning your application then please use the contact form below stating your requirements and one of our team will contact you.

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