Johnson Matthey XF® fire retardant synergists
Flame Retardant Synergists

Glass Synergists for Fire Retardant Systems

XF® Series Glass Synergists are inorganic additives designed to enhance the
performance of flame retardant systems.

They react with other components present in a resin system to produce a ceramic material which is highly resistant to fire.

These products can be used as partial replacement of conventional flame retardant compounds and are effective in combination with halogen and non-halogen fire retardant systems.

XF- Series should be considered whenever an improvement to fire retardant systems is required for wire & cable, flooring, wall and textile coatings, composites, transparent systems (including gel coats) and paints.

Addition rates are typically in the range of 5-15% by weight of formulation.

New Applications

We are always willing to collaborate with our customers, existing and new, to offer solutions and provide support along the development process for fire retardant applications.

An example of this approach has resulted in approval of a Johnson Matthey XF® glass synergist in a formulation for Sealmaster Fireglaze Tape, certified for fire resistant glazing applications in doors and screens.

Fire glazing tape with Johnson Matthey synergistsFire glazing tape systems are installed around the glass perimeter to provide a seal between the glazing and the wooden frame substrate.

The fire retardant composition of the tape prolongs the integrity of the system in the event of a fire.

Further details on the Sealmaster product can be found by visiting this page (link opens a new window).

Details of the certification and testing of the Sealmaster product can be found here (link opens a new window) (PDF 434Kb).

XF® is a UK registered trademark of Johnson Matthey plc

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