Sealing glass for glass ceramic metal
Sealing Glasses

Sealing Glasses

Johnson Matthey leverages over 50 years of experience in glass technology to offer a diverse range of high performance sealant glasses, designed to function in even the most demanding environments and applications.

Our sealant glass portfolio contains materials tailored for an array of cutting edge markets including building integrated photovoltaics, electronic packaging and a collection of sensor technologies. We are pleased to offer products CTE matched to a variety of glass, metal and ceramic substrates with firing conditions complimentary to your process requirements.

Creating value for our customers is the central driver in the design of our sealant portfolio and continues to guide us in the development of pioneering glass sealants. Alongside our products we offer expert technical support for the application and firing of glass materials.

XS Series Glass Sealants

Our sealing glasses can be applied to glass, metal and ceramic substrates.

Our XS Series Sealants include:-

XS1 1001 - Bismuth-free transparent glass sealant

XS1 1002 - Transparent glass-to-glass sealant suitable for DSSC

XS1 1003 - Transparent sealant suitable for use on soda-lime glass


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